May 18, 2015

I'm a dad now, I need a baby monitor

Becoming parent is a blast. Your life changes quite a bit and suddenly there is someone you are taking care of all the time. You buy the usual stuff: diapers, toys and clothes. You worry about what else you need. A baby monitor is an obvious purchase, all parents seem to use one. Obviously. Because you want to know how your baby's doing without the need to stay in the same room or appartment.

Already having multiple smartphones in the family, I figured using these smartphones as a baby monitor is a smart idea. There should be an app for this. Buying separate baby monitor radio devices is possible, though I wouldn't want additional pieces of hardware floating around in our place - they tend to get lost in my appartment, need to be carried when traveling and need extra battery supply. So I went to check for baby monitor apps on Google Play: many available but nothing really fits my needs. I want the app to be free, I need it on wifi only and I don't want the complexity of tenthousand settings to manage.

Maybe I should build one myself?