Jun 2, 2015

Complexity: I want it simple

When I first checked for monitoring apps to use I ran into a few interesting listings in Google Play.

Some of these were subscription-based apps where the user needs to compensate for using server resources, the apps offer monitoring via mobile network. Right now I only need monitoring via wifi, because I'll stay in my place while the little guy sleeps. Or, at most, I'll visit my neighbours where my wifi is available. So the app should be free.

Other apps offer wifi monitoring for free but are totally overloaded with configuration and tuning options, let alone their questionalbe user interface design. Neither do I want to go through lengthy configuration and tuning, nor do I want a user interface which is impossible to use while being in a mental state of half-sleeping-half-awake (parents will know what this is about). The app should be simple and easy to use.

Do I need automated phone-calls to alert me when something goes on? Nope, just wifi monitoring.

Do I need video monitoring? Nope, not now, in the room it's dark anyway.

Do I need talk-back? Nope, not now, I can walk over to the other room and be there myself.

Want I want is not available on Google Play - so I should definitely build it myself...